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Osteo away! June 2019

Never convenient…… but Belinda will be away in June/July. This is to allow time for a wrist procedure to be done and to heal nicely. Keeping those hands and wrists tip top for the long game.

It’s a ganglion cyst removal which is a benign ball of fluid that can occur in tendons or between joints.

Specifically, the procedure is scheduled for 4th June and advice is to have 4-6 weeks off. If anything changes with the expected time frame, we will reschedule accordingly.

Belinda plans to catch up on lots of areas of interest and has a bunch of Osteo related podcasts to listen to!


You can access the front entrance from Mill St. There are carparks at both the front and the rear of the building (accessed from High St). You can access the clinic from either side. 

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